The evolution of sales: From products to partnerships

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By Tshidi Machaba, Sales Director at inq.

As a sales director at inq., specialising in intelligent connectivity, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, I’ve witnessed a transformative shift in the sales landscape. This evolution demands that salespeople transcend traditional product-centric approaches, embracing a more consultative role. In this article, I’ll examine the importance of fostering curiosity, challenging sales professionals to embed themselves in clients’ daily challenges, and building robust ecosystems for mutual benefit.

From transactions to consultations: A paradigm shift

Gone are the days when sales were solely transactional. Today’s successful salespeople are collaborators, advisors, and problem-solvers. The key lies in understanding that short-term wins may be satisfying momentarily, but the true game-changer lies in the long-term view through the client’s lens.

To build solid ecosystems, sales professionals must be curious about their clients’ businesses, immersing themselves in day-to-day obstacles. This curiosity catalyses meaningful partnerships. Clients should feel empowered to challenge salespeople, pushing them to understand intricacies, identify pain points, and co-create tailored solutions.

The internal foundation: Unity and collaboration

Collaboration begins within the organisation. If we’re not configured as a united front, internal disparities will manifest in client interactions. Misunderstandings, misalignment with client briefs, and mismatched solutions can lead to wasted time and financial losses. A cohesive internal structure is the foundation for successful client partnerships.

It’s time for clients to seek partnerships with organisations willing to be challenged and curious about their journey. Sales professionals should view challenges as opportunities for growth. Understanding that hard times are often indicative of greater results ahead fosters resilience and fortifies partnerships.

In my capacity as the group head of sales, my objective is to instigate sales methodologies that go beyond mere transactions, transforming into strategic partners for our clients. As a consultative sales organisation, we are propelled by curiosity and integrity, working to construct enduring ecosystems that offer mutual benefits. This represents a paradigm shift, not only securing short-term success but also strategically positioning both clients and organisations for sustainable, long-term growth.

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