The importance of Atlassian certifications

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Obsidian Systems, a supplier of open source software solutions, says that having consultants being Atlassian certified is critical to its culture of excellence and reputation as being a client-centric organisation.

Atlassian certifications are known for their rigorous standards. These validate consultants’ abilities in using Atlassian software like Jira and Confluence, amongst others. Furthermore, these certifications highlight the consultant’s skill level while also helping to instill trust and confidence in clients that they know they are entrusting their projects to capable hands.

“The journey to Atlassian certification is a difficult one which requires a deep-seated understanding of the software. Obsidian has been committed to providing its consultants with all the assistance they require throughout this demanding process. With a strong internal support system, we provide enough study time, access to all relevant training materials, and mentorship from those consultants already certified,” says Muggie van Staden, Managing Director of Obsidian Systems.

Central to Obsidian’s certification approach is the company’s focus on real-world application and best practice implementation. In this way, the business ensures that the certifications are not just a badge in theory but reflects the consultant’s practical expertise. This sets Obsidian apart from many of its competitors in a way that resonates with clients looking for reliable and effective service delivery.

As Obsidian Systems gets closer to becoming the first to certify for IT Service Management (ITSM) with Atlassian in South Africa, it highlights the synergy between Atlassian’s products and ITSM strategies. This significantly strengthens incident and problem management, change management, and other IT service management processes.

“Through this, we want to showcase a comprehensive approach to optimising IT service delivery through our certified expertise,” adds van Staden.

Additionally, the Obsidian Atlassian team is setting a high bar for certification standards. It aims to have four Atlassian Experts and ITIL certifications within the year as the company gears up for using ITSM as a strategic pillar in helping address customer requirements.