The top escape room games for cold winter weekends

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If you are great with clues, love solving puzzles and enjoy group play, then you’ll love escape room style games.

Philip Galliford, spokesperson for Solarpop, says that escape room games such as those in the EXIT range offer a brilliantly immersive experience.

“Each game in the EXIT range brings excitement and adventure to your living room. Each situation is innovative yet familiar, so there is no deep learning required, just loads of fun clues to solve. Sometimes a player needs to decipher a formula, at other times they need to search for something or physically alter a piece to solve a puzzle,” he says.

Below are EXIT’s top escape room games:

EXIT – The Mysterious Museum

You are on a trip to the Florence Natural History Museum, intent on visiting the sunken treasure of the Santa Maria. Your day is quickly derailed by an incredible adventure! Can you solve the mysteries of the museum and find a way out?

EXIT – The Forgotten Island

Imagine this: The sea is calm. The sun is shining. You’re on the perfect sailing excursion. But then, you spot dark clouds rolling in. A mighty gust of wind capsizes your boat. You are knocked unconscious. When you wake up, you are on a black sand beach. You look around and find an old book and a mysterious golden compass. Can you solve the riddles and escape the island?

EXIT – The Return to the Abandoned Cabin

One morning, a police detective rings your doorbell. He asks you to come with him to a cabin in the woods. You instantly know it’s the same cabin in which the sinister riddle master Dr. Arthur Funbeq locked you up a few years ago. The adventure begins… again!

EXIT – The Secret Lab

As volunteers for a medical research study, you report to a lab as instructed. But no one is there except for you. Vapour rises from a test tube and you start feeling dizzy. When you wake up the door is locked, and you discover a notebook and a strange disk.

EXIT – The Haunted Rollercoaster

Dark corridors, terrifying shrieks, bone-chilling monsters — you’re on a rollercoaster and then get stuck in a really freaky place. The ride’s gates are locked tight. You stumble upon a strange riddle. Can you summon up all your courage to solve the riddles and escape the haunted roller coaster?

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