Try these nine healthy substitutes for kids’ favourite meals

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Getting children to eat healthy food can be a challenge, so parents and caregivers often resort to tried-and-tested easy meals. Unfortunately, many of these go-to meals are high in sugar, high in unhealthy fats and calories, and low in nutrients. Laager Tea4Kidz partner dietician, Mbali Mapholi, is passionate about coming up with creative solutions and tips to help kids get the nutrients they need. She has shared some delicious yet simple substitutes that will help boost the nutrient intake of kids’ favourite meals, so mealtimes can be a win-win for parents and kids!

“Being a parent and caregiver is difficult as you have to balance the demands of work and home with the needs of young children, and it’s often easier to resort to quick and easy meals,” explained Candice Sessions, Laager Marketing Manager. “With the rising cost of food, planning wholesome yet delicious meals is even more challenging. That’s why we’re supporting our partner dietician, Mbali, in promoting these healthy alternatives which are better for children – and parents!”

Mapholi explained: “Instead of eliminating popular foods entirely, you can try cutting back on certain food items, and when you do offer them, try opting for the healthiest choices possible. Finding the balance between nourishment and fun foods that children love is important to helping them harness a healthy relationship with food from an early age.”

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Mapholi said it was important to use children’s food and beverage choices as teaching moments: “Speak up when you see unhealthy choices and direct children to healthier options. You can also insist that they have a little of one thing, but not too much. Talk to them about why an overly salty or heavily sugared snack is not the best choice, but avoid making them feel guilty about their food or beverage choices. Trying new recipes and involving children in meal preparations helps a lot in guiding them to choose better and healthier options.”

Laager Tea4Kidz has a range of Rooibos teas designed specifically for kids, that can be enjoyed hot or cold. The range also carries two flavours with added Vitamin C for even more health benefits.

Parents and caregivers can also access a range of healthy recipes, advice and tips via the Joekels website,, and via free parent/teacher workshops in partnership with an educational training expert.

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