Unleash the benefits of improved security when migrating to the cloud

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More South African companies are embracing the cloud for their business operations to keep ahead of their competitors. Redstor, a born-in-the cloud software vendor and provider of the smarter cloud backup platform of choice for managed service providers (MSPs), believes that business leaders have realised the benefits of being able to securely access sensitive data from anywhere and at any time through the cloud.

Cloud security is provided by experienced and specialised security teams on the service provider’s side who are responsible for ensuring that the cloud infrastructure is secure. These teams have the resources and expertise to implement the latest security technologies and protocols to protect the cloud from potential threats. For small businesses with limited budgets, this is a massive cost-saver as they do not have to invest in their own security infrastructure.

Furthermore, the cloud can scale security measures as needed. When the business grows and the complexity of its environment evolves, the cloud can adapt to those needs. In practice, this means that businesses can easily scale their security measures to meet their evolving needs. This is particularly important for those companies who are experiencing rapid growth and need to quickly respond to new security challenges.


Cloud security also provides management with greater visibility and control over their security posture. Security solutions in the cloud typically provide real-time access to security logs and alerts. In turn, organisations can quickly identify and respond to potential security threats. This visibility and control also make it easier for organisations to comply with industry regulations and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and POPIA.

Today’s digital economy requires a foundation built in security to build customer trust and loyalty. By moving operations to the cloud and taking advantage of the latest security measures, local companies can demonstrate to their customers that their sensitive information is safe and secure.

Overall, improved security in the cloud can have a profound impact on local companies. From helping them comply with data protection regulations to providing them with a competitive advantage, the benefits of cloud security are clear. By taking advantage of these benefits, companies can focus on their core business activities, knowing that their sensitive information is protected.

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