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Valentine’s Day should not be a debt-laden occasion, but rather a gift of experience

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Carla Oberholzer, DebtSafe Debt Adviser and PRO.

You and your fellow South African consumers face fuel price increases, repo rate increases, and the continuous effects of a pandemic. But, the desire to return to normalcy is palpable, as is the desire to spend a pleasant day or evening with loved ones.

Therefore, keeping it frugal on Valentine’s Day is necessary and is indeed possible.

“Here are a few tips that can help you to keep your Valentine’s Day affordable and within budget,” highlights Carla Oberholzer, debt adviser at DebtSafe:  

  1. Valentine’s Day can be a money-win at home.

From an affordable, self-made breakfast to a ‘love/treasure treat hunt’ in the garden. Your options are endless to keep it loving and frugal. 

  1. Rather avoid store-bought chocolates.

Buying candy and chocolates can be very expensive, especially if you did not include them in February’s budget. What about baking muffins or cookies? If you currently have essential baking ingredients available in your pantry, why not give baking a go?

  1. Roses are red and the price tags too.

Demand, supply, increased transportation costs, and additional labour costs are some of the reasons behind the price hike on flowers (for example, roses) in February. An alternative to buying flowers can be a handmade decoration for the table or a bouquet (as a personalised, special gift) from your own garden/handmade creatives.

  1. Nothing can exceed proper ‘quality time’ spent with a loved-one 

Spending quality time with your special someone is true love. There is nothing better than just ‘being together’ and doing something simple that you would both enjoy. Why not watch a movie, have a picnic outside, or enjoy one of your favourite board games?

Valentine’s Day is truly special, BUT there is no need for you to make it overly expensive since it is about the gift of experience and love, NOT adding debt to your pile…