Vuma gets behind #R10GoesALongWay

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As we come towards the end of a very eventful 2022, corporates are taking the time to reflect on the effectiveness of their CSI contributions and the real difference and impact these have made. With the 2023 #R10GoesALongWay campaign almost ready to be launched to assist students in the New Year, Vuma is one of the corporate contributors that made the 2022 campaign such a success.

Created to speak to the very real challenge of tertiary registration fees, the #R10GoesALongWay initiative has become an annual fund-raising priority of the Fundi Foundation. It has assisted over 900 students in the 2021 and 2022 registration period alone.

“Tertiary registration fees often become the ‘final’ barrier to entry for many first-generation students,” notes Mala Suriah, CMO of Fundi. “If a student is unable to pay for registration – usually within a very tight period – they then have to forfeit their place, meaning they might have to wait a whole year before applying again. It’s a heart-breaking situation that we’re doing our best to alleviate through #R10GoesALongWay.”

Corporates including Vuma have made a real difference to the success of the 2022 campaign, says Suriah. “We’re extremely grateful to Vuma for making a contribution to the initiative. Given that registration fees can often cost in excess of R5 000 per student for an institution donation like the one Vuma made, suddenly change the lives – and futures – of a number of students. It’s a legacy contribution that will always be remembered. As we enter the holiday period, we’re calling on all South Africans to join us in raising funds for the 2023 registration period. As little as R10 will go a long way in assisting the neediest students.”