Another digital milestone for Provantage

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Provantage, a leader in Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) innovations across Africa is the only media owner on the continent to have joined the Global Digital Out of Home community via its membership of the  DPAA.

The DPAA provides a forum for global collaboration between digital networks, tech firms, research companies, content providers, media agencies and advertisers. The organisation is the leading global trade marketing association, connecting out-of-home media with the advertising community while exploring the growing role of DOOH in today’s omnichannel mix.  DPAA members have access to an extensive database of research, best practices, and case studies on the global advertising ecosystem among others.

Provantage CEO Jacques Du Preez says this collaboration further strengthen the company’s position as a leader in digital OOH in Africa. “We are the largest Digital Placed-Based Network provider on the continent which includes rotating digital billboards and our SONAR offering which allows for OOH messaging to further extend its reach into the mobile OOH space. It is therefore advantageous for us to be a part of a global association that will help enhance our digital services. Through this, Provantage will be exposed to global players, thought leaders and innovations, adding impetus to our ongoing efforts of pushing digital boundaries, not only in the South African context, but internationally too.”

With two decades of providing brands with leading out-of-home solutions, Provantage continues to leverage digital integration to the benefit of advertisers, ensuring seamless and impactful connections with audiences daily. From brand activations and billboards to Transit, Mall, Golf and Airport media, Provantage continues exposing brands to consumers. This alongside providing advertisers with the comfort of knowing that their brands are ever-present due to an omnichannel view and triangulated execution, effectively delivered through its field sales & merchandising solutions. 

Du Preez says the group enables brands to reach vast audiences at various touchpoints, helping advertisers and brands connect to millions of people daily through an inventory which includes 50 Large-Format Digital, and close on 2 000 TV screens. “Provantage is moving towards modernising the DOOH space across Africa, taking it from a one-dimensional, billboard dominant sector, to a multi-dimensional medium. One that strategically captures a multitude of audiences and consumers through multiple formats and touchpoints.  We pride ourselves in leading the way in digital innovation across Africa, which prompted the move to Provantage becoming a DPAA member, and in so doing, becoming the very first DOOH media owner on the continent to do so.”

With an impeccable track record and reputation, Provantage has grown exponentially and is at the forefront of revolutionizing the DOOH media industry in Africa. Du Preez firmly believes that investing in systems, people, and infrastructure is the future. “Exploration of consumer insights ensures our service delivers relevant and effective DOOH marketing and advertising solutions. Our digital networks add immense value to brands and advertisers, as well as millions of commuters, shoppers, golfers and travellers every day.”