Boomtown assists First Choice Custard beat sales target

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A fresh approach to the big idea from Boomtown contributed to First Choice Custard comprehensively beating its 2021 summer campaign targets.

According to the agency’s Business Group Head, Mark Momberg, a key contributor to smashing the sales target was the fact that the agency’s big idea was conceived after its strategists had immersed themselves in the communities First Choice wanted to communicate with to ensure what it had to say resonated with them.

“The human truth chosen to drive the campaign after the immersions was ‘First Choice Custard. Live the Soft Life.

“’Soft Life’ is used by South Africans to refer to living a life of comfort and no unpleasantness. It’s a self-care attitude to life. People have embraced living ‘soft’, and the term and lifestyle associated with it have also become popular across social media platforms.”

The national digital and in-store campaign devised by Boomtown – a simple ‘Buy any First Choice Custard and you could win one of 10-weekend getaways’ – went live across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok through video content, influencer content, static posts and updates to the First Choice channels’ cover images.

It was created by Boomtown’s team of Creative Director Thule Ngese, Art Director Sukesh Moodaley, Copywriter Obakeng Rapoo and Designer Jerado Burger.

While engagement with social media was not a key metric for this campaign, it was nevertheless impressive. Reach and impressions increased to over 1.3-million impressions and product video views – driven by the Soft Life campaign videos created by Boomtown – topped 190 000.

“Attracting a large number of entries was important for the client, though,” said Momberg. “And, here the team also did well. This was a job incredibly well done, and we at Boomtown couldn’t be prouder of the team that put it together.”

You can watch some of the work here: