Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy a tour of Dingo’s private facility

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South Africa’s ‘Steve Irwin’ – Dingo Dinkelman – who made his mark internationally through his daring wildlife videos, will be hosting an Open Day at his wildlife facility in Hillcrest on Sunday, 13 March from 9am to 12pm. After the first Open Day sold out within 24 hours, Dingo decided to extend the offer by one more day, with limited spaces available. Visitors of all ages are invited to book a spot for an incredible experience meeting some of the popular animals from his hit ‘Dingo Dinkelman’ show.

“It’s fantastic that we can engage directly with audiences again this year, and we wanted to celebrate this newfound freedom from two years of isolation with something really different!” said the award-winning conservation crusader.

“Almost every week we are sent requests from people asking if they can visit my private facility where we house all of our most famous animal residents. Up to now, this has not been possible and people have only been able to see these animals on our videos. At the beginning of the year though, I had an idea: why not open up our private facility for just one morning to a limited number of visitors? And so that is exactly what we will be doing on the 13th of March.”

This will not be a normal tour though, and Dingo guarantees that his fans who attend the morning will never forget this experience.

“Imagine spending a morning with the biggest, the fastest, the deadliest and the most beautiful reptiles in the world? Seeing them as I see them. Experiencing them as I experience them. Can anything be better?” said an enthusiastic Dingo.

And for those worrying that the danger level will be too extreme for them and their families – there’s no need to fear! The experience will completely safe for all children, families and grannies and grandpas.

“I have a passion for animals and want to have a morning where I can share that passion with other people,” continued Dingo. “This will be a morning where we can celebrate how amazing these animals are!”

Dingo’s Open Day will include:

·  A personal tour by Dingo where visitors meet all the most famous residents who’ve featured on his popular online videos. Among them are Thor (the 5-metre King Cobra – the biggest venomous snake on the continent!) and his King Cobra mates Goldie and Goliath, Bella (the 6-metre Reticulated Python and biggest snake on the continent), Shadow (the Forest Cobra), Kobe (the Black Mamba), Dot (the 4-metre Green Anaconda), Marshmallow, and many, many more!

· A crocodile feeding experience where Dingo will be feeding Shaka, the 4.5-metre Nile Crocodile, among others.

·  A snake identification course where Dingo will be showing which snakes pose a potential threat to humans and which are just harmless.

· A once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on interaction and free photo session with some of the biggest stars of the show, Bella the albino Reticulated Python, Dot the Green Anaconda, and many more.

The cost is R500 per person and all ages are welcome. Places are limited so book now to reserve a spot by emailing Exact details of the facility’s location will be given upon booking.

To check out Dingo’s videos and adventures, follow ‘Dingo Dinkelman’ on Facebook, Instagram, Rumble and Patreon; or on YouTube at ‘Meet the Dinkelmans’. Visit for more information. Dingo Dinkelman is proudly sponsored by Toyota.