SAB’s initiatives to drive responsible consumption in South Africa

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In effort to champion responsible consumption in South Africa, South African Breweries (SAB) has implemented various interventions through its platform, SAB Sharp.

The 2022 SAB Sharp Impact Report, prepared by independent auditor, DNA Economics unpacks SAB’s impact through its key initiative in 2022. The report profiles SAB Sharp programmes which aim to address some of South Africa’s most prevalent challenges by working to curb the harmful consumption of alcohol within the communities it operates in.

According to DNA Economics, The SAB Sharp initiative is well-designed to address the key drivers of excessive alcohol consumption. The programmes have been designed based on research and literature regarding the root causes of alcohol abuse and alcohol-related harm – including environmental factors such as unemployment, drink driving, social norms, and illicit trade.

SAB Sharp has achieved numerous successes in 2022 and a few highlights include:

  • Supported 8 263 entrepreneurs, with an overall goal of assisting 35,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs by 2025
  • Handed over five Gender-based Violence (GBV) support structures, and supported 164 victims,
  • Educated 15 661 men through the GBV Carling Black Label #NoExcuse programme. Reached 640 participants through a behaviour change programme,
  • Handed over 20 Alcohol Evidence Centers, and supported 4 202 drink driving arrests,
  • Supported the training of 540 Law enforcement officers on the Management Practices for Safer Roads provided by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

“Our SAB Sharp Board is proud of the platform’s achievements. As the business continues to grow and evolve, we are reimagining what a beer company can be.

Through SAB Sharp efforts, we strive to champion responsibility within our communities. This report demonstrates, our actions and our success remain grounded in our strong values and purpose: to create a future with more cheers,” said Zoleka Lisa, Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Unpacking SAB Sharp

SAB Sharp is divided into four categories: Live, Drive, Talk, and Sell Sharp. The first category, Live Sharp focuses on promoting responsible communities. “This category shows our commitment to help the nation by uplifting the areas we do business in,” explained Lisa.

In the Drive Sharp category, which is aimed at promoting responsible driving, commits to help the nation by empowering our authorities to enforce regulations and to deter drink driving,” said Lisa.

The Talk Sharp category promotes responsible marketing. Lisa added, “In this category, we are committed to using our brands to promote the enjoyment of beer with dignity, on all platforms.”

Finally, in the Sell Sharp category which promotes responsible trading, we commit to helping the nation by training and rewarding businesses who champion responsible consumption in our communities,” said Lisa.

Lisa concludes, “Responsibility is integrated into our business strategy and systemwide operations, informing our ambition to grow our category responsibly. It shapes our decisions, guides our actions, and drives our commitment to sustainable growth and positive impact on society. As we head into the festive season, we urge South African’s to enjoy responsibly and have none for the road.”