Strongbow reveals ‘Sisonke’: The ultimate cider experience, connecting cultures and delighting palates worldwide

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Strongbow, the world’s number one cider, has launched, ‘Sisonke,’ a ‘movement’ aiming to highlight and celebrate moments when like-minded spirits are brought together, Strongbow in hand.

As the world’s number one cider, Strongbow represents a global community that brings together friends from all over the world to enjoy life in an authentic and self-expressive manner that heightens individuality within a community.

It is no surprise that Signal Hill Products, known for their brave and thriving beer brands Devil’s Peak and Striped Horse, as well as for consistently brewing and locally distributing global beer giant, Miller Genuine Draft, has taken in Strongbow into their stable. Its aim for the brand is to continue to deliver on innovation and brand experiences that will elevate the brand beyond the category.

One of the ways it will achieve this is to co-create with its audience through a lens of connection and community as opposed to the isolation and disconnect which digital campaigns can evoke. Signal Hill with Strongbow want to enable the community to become the co-makers of the brand and to build a modern connective playground filled with expression at its highest level.

“Sisonke is a South African term referring to a group of people doing something together. Through this campaign we want to highlight the importance of moments shared amongst our consumers. Hailing from all walks of life and having had different experiences they are still able to find moments of joy and celebration,” says Brand Manager, Marco Vandeput.

Through modernity and co-creation, the global cider portfolio leader aims to encourage South Africans to tap into those cultural connections that allow them to feel closer to one another and celebrate that feeling of togetherness that makes living in eMzansi so special.

Vandeput continues to say that, as South Africans enter into the Festive Season, this campaign will keep encouraging the spirit of celebration and enjoying life together under the sun with the world’s number one cider in hand. 

The Sisonke campaign is supported by various touchpoints, namely DOOH, OOH, AI-generated characters and influencer partnerships that aim to bring to life its effervescent energy inspired by where millennials and gen-zers want to play. The audience is able to engage with the campaign through AI and become part of the Sisonke community seen on billboards and digital channels.

In this way, Strongbow is taking the experience to a whole new level, combining tradition with innovation by ensuring co-creation and continued elevation and disruption.

“Those looking to turn their everyday connections with friends into more memorable moments need look no further than within the Strongbow Sisonke world. Whether you are meeting up with the fam at a Shisanyama, having a lively night out with the squad, or hosting games night namagenge, Strongbow aims to make consumer’s meet-ups a lot more lively and enjoyable,” concludes Vandeput.