SA’s first and only trading utility crypto token

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South Africa’s first and only utility Crypto token has been trading for 1,6 years and is growing stronger in adoption! Community Business Token (CBT) has been developed by DigitalFlyer®, which aims to be the first true blockchain-driven business marketplace, elevating doing business online for its members to a whole new level.

CBT is currently trading on Indoex and Latoken exchanges. Its ranking, at the writing of this press release, is 4,900 out of approx. 13,000+ other Crypto tokens worldwide and can be followed on CoinMarketCap:

What is DigitalFlyer®?

DigitalFlyer® is a functional community-focused business marketplace with active subscribed members, created specifically for any entrepreneur to launch or expand their digital footprint by self-creating and managing their own webpage, their own online store, with an events management module and online appointment bookings module – all for a yearly business membership of only R1,199.

The integrated payment gateways currently available are Netcash (for Fiat-based transactions) and Binance Pay (for Crypto-based transactions). DigitalFlyer® members with their own registered accounts on NetCash and Binance Pay, can easily integrate their accounts to receive online payments directly, when selling products, goods or services through the DigitalFlyer® marketplace.

There are no hosting or domain fees, and no web development or technical skills are required, making the DigitalFlyer® platform a cost-effective digital marketplace that can be used by any size business, from a side-hustle, start-up entrepreneur with no online experience to an SME looking to market, promote, or sell their products, goods, or services or to expand their digital footprint and online presence, allowing them to reach more potential buyers faster.

Community Business Token (CBT)

With the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, DigitalFlyer® has launched its own rewards utility token. With the introduction of CBT, a blockchain-based rewards program, more businesses will have access to a rewards program for their customers without incurring the costs associated with implementation.

This initiative not only takes the DigitalFlyer® platform into the future of online business, but most importantly, also provides its business members with a world-class online marketplace platform. CBT is the utility token that will be used within the DigitalFlyer® rewards program. CBTs will be used to trade or buy goods and services. By doing this, CBT and DigitalFlyer® have achieved two goals:

  1. Providing community businesses with access to the digital marketplace era and their own rewards program; and
  2. Educating more people on safe crypto adoption and trading.

CBT is a community-driven project, and the goal is to grow this token enabling DigitalFlyer® in making a lasting difference in the lives of every member and their communities, through the Community Fund being established.


Business owners should not need to struggle with staying ahead of the marketing game, but rather with improving the customer experience through quality service. The core focus and mission of DigitalFlyer® and CBT is to enable and connect communities, to assist community businesses and projects entering the blockchain, digital currency, world with simple, professional, affordable, and supported marketing efforts while introducing a new community interactive approach. DigitalFlyer® has created and delivered a best-in-class marketing platform that will propel community-driven businesses into a sustainable and thriving economy.

With the addition of the soon-to-trade DigitalFlyer Governance Token (DFGT), this multifaceted project will provide even more advanced marketing services through its new blockchain-based tokenized service offerings, bringing this project full circle and back to the community.