The price of winning new business and how to avoid paying it

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You’ve won some new business, you’ve found business opportunities in new territories, but not enough to warrant expansion investment – now what?

Expansion into new markets and establishing new revenue streams is every business leader’s dream. However, the reality is without the help of an employer of record (EOR) or a global human resources team, the chances of cementing presence and streamlining off-shore workforce management are slim. That’s where CRS CROS Employment Services comes in.

CROS is an affiliate unit under the CRS Technologies banner, a company with several decades of experience in human capital management, labour legislation, services and solutions.

The unit’s chief role is to hire employees on a client’s behalf and operate as the full legal employer of the workforce, covering all employer-related functions, including human resources, payroll, employee benefits, taxes and local compliance.

The unit serves companies that are looking to access global talent pools and avoid the complexities this involves.

“There’s a growth stage that materialises when a company’s capacity is stretched to the maximum to accommodate new business, but that new business is not quite enough to warrant investment in infrastructure,” says Nicol Myburgh, Head: CRS Employment Services.

“This is exacerbated by the almost insurmountable challenges businesses face in having to navigate complex human resource, human capital management and payroll legislation in new territories.”

Myburgh says CROS is a way of bridging that gap, of testing a new market before massive investment, and of removing all of the legislative paperwork that goes with establishing your business in new territories.

Choose your partner wisely

CRS Technologies highlights that being aware of the need to partner with an EOR is only the first step. The next, arguably more important step is selecting the right team to work with.

The company notes that the choice of EOR service providers out there is substantial and no two are the same.

“Promising expert knowledge, competitive and transparent pricing and reliable support is all good and well, but can they deliver on their word? If you want your business to realise its full potential and succeed in the global arena it’s important to research providers thoroughly and carefully compare their capabilities before making your final choice.”

Here are some important questions to ask as you conduct your search…

  • Does the EOR have a good business standing?
  • Does the EOR offer services in countries where you plan to operate?
  • How well does your EOR understand the legal and regulatory environment of the regions that you are entering?
  • What other services/solutions does the EOR provide?
  • What does the EOR pricing include?
  • Does the EOR use the latest technology?
  • What level of support system does the EOR provide?

CROS is a trusted employer of record that provides a full spectrum of human capital management solutions, wherever in the world you need them. Contact us for your CROSs-border compliant employment solution.