Primedia leading in the Africarare Metaverse showcasing over 1 886 hours of brand engagement

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Africarare, Africa’s pioneering metaverse, and Primedia Pty Ltd have made waves in the metaverse, captivating an audience of over 25,000 individuals within the vibrant realm of Ubuntuland in a 1 month campaign. Primedia’s recent foray into the metaverse has brought with it a stable of popular regional stations, including 947, 702, Kfm 94.5, Cape Talk and award winning Eyewitness News.

The recently launched Primedia Metaverse pilot campaign invited users to participate in the ‘Walk of Fame’ challenge. In this interactive quest, visitors were encouraged to collect stars within the Plaza, each dedicated to honouring Primedia’s Icons. Upon successfully collecting all the stars, users unlocked access to an exclusive quiz. They could compete for a spot in the Top 10 on the leaderboard. Additionally, users enjoyed the ability to tune in to various radio stations and relish highlights from Primedia events, including Joburg Day, an annual music festival that took place in September 2023.

In line with Primedia’s forward-thinking strategy of embracing innovation, diversifying content offerings, and providing advertisers with ground-breaking platforms, this venture ushers Primedia into the next evolution of the internet. Jonathan Proctor, Primedia Group CEO, articulated this journey succinctly, “Relevance is the buzzword of success, and to remain relevant over time requires a mindset that promotes innovation, assesses risk, and embraces change. This ethos of adaptability, adjusting to the mercurial ebb and flow of social and economic trends but also being bold enough to be first to market, is the cornerstone of Primedia’s growth and sustainability.”

Mic Mann, Co-founder and CEO of Africarare, emphasised the uniqueness of this collaboration, stating, “The success of this partnership arises from Africarare’s capacity to create distinctive and captivating experiences, synergised with our strong alliance with Primedia. Beyond mere numbers, this metaverse venture opens up new horizons for businesses, creators, and individuals to connect, interact, and showcase their talents and this is just the start.”

Primedia’s entrance into Ubuntuland signifies not just an expansion but a strategic move to forge more profound connections with its audiences, adding a new dimension to its already impressive presence. This move aligns seamlessly with Primedia’s strategy of venturing into novel spaces, offering diverse content, and presenting advertisers with avant-garde platforms to reach forward-thinking audiences.

The Metaverse experience included access to their content. Eyewitness News, witnessed a remarkable 1,199 users. Radio 947 followed closely with 841 users, and 702 attracted 642 users. KFM garnered 596 users, while CapeTalk welcomed 418 users. Moreover, the statistics unveil that a staggering 1,868 hours and 49 minutes were spent within the metaverse, and an impressive 3,101 users participated in the Walk of Fame Activation and Quiz to compete for prizes.

The analytics measurement was carried out over a month, from 18 September to 18 October, and showed that 63.2% of the audience consisted of males, whereas females accounted for 36.8% of the attendees. Delving deeper into the various age groups, 31.9% of the audience falls within the age range of 18 to 24. Additionally, individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 account for 26.3% of the audience, while visitors between 35 and 44 constitute 17.1% of the total attendees. Lastly, a joint tally of the 45 to 65+ age group accounts for 24.7%.

Africarare made headlines with the introduction of Ubuntuland in 2022. This virtual reality environment piqued the interest of numerous corporations exploring the potential of e-commerce. Primedia now joins the ranks. This ground-breaking platform opens exciting avenues for the future of online business. Primedia joins the ranks of 34 other brands including MTN, M&C Saatchi Abel, Nedbank, and World Data Lab in embracing the limitless possibilities within this highly sought-after environment.